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Raw data feeds

We offer raw data feeds, for customers with data science teams in-house. Feeds can be customized to include current and historical data for aircraft of interest.

Common use cases for raw data feeds include:

  • Market intelligence for OEM and part suppliers
  • Research aid for appraisers, insurers, and investors
  • Capacity allocation aid for charter operators

For more information about our data, see frequently asked questions.

Pricing depends on number of aircraft. Please contact us to discuss your application, and for pricing information.

Business intelligence applications

All data feeds are ready for import into the most common BI dashboards, CRMs, and ERP systems.

For customers with more specific needs, we have the capability to support more demanding use cases through custom application builds and integrations.

Contact us to discuss your specific use case.
  • Global coverage

    Coverage zone includes all continents, except Antarctica.

  • All aircraft types

    Coverage includes fixed-wing, as well as rotary-wing, aircraft.

  • Compatibility

    Formatted for import into existing business intelligence tools / CRMs.

"This is data we could not get anywhere else."
-Marketing manager, Large Aircraft OEM