Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the data?

Our systems ingest digital air traffic control transmissions (e.g., ADS-B, Mode S, flight plans, and others) from tens of thousands of aircraft every day. We use these transmissions to analyze aircraft utilization for commercial, business, and general aviation aircraft.

These signals come from aircraft publicly transmitting their GPS position over radio frequencies, and are collected by a global network of thousands of receivers.

What is your geographic coverage area?

Our coverage is global.

What types of aircraft have data available?

All aircraft types are covered. For more specific inquiries about aircraft types, contact us.

Does your data go beyond published flight plans? What about VFR flight?

All flights (IFR and VFR) for any aircraft equipped with ADS-B are included.

What about aircraft that don't have ADS-B?

Among commercial aircraft, business jets, and medium/heavy helicopters, modern aircraft types have very high rates of installation. Among older types, installation rates are rising quickly as aircraft are serviced in advance of international ADS-B/FANS mandates.

When we do not directly observe an aircraft, we can often infer its activity patterns based on tens of millions of observed flight hours.